“Expedition” Solo Show Michael Wesely

“Expedition” Solo Show Michael Wesely
July 26, 2017 CasaNovaArte

On 24th August 2017 is the opening solo show “Expedition” by the German photographer Michael Wesely at Casa Nova Arte Gallery.

During the year of 2003, the artist had made an expedition in the North of Brazil, documenting and registering cities and local landscapes with his long-exhibition camera, which is his artistic remarkable photographic process.

He had visited Manaus, Teresina, Maranhão, and other places in that area capturing the passage of time from those urban and rural landscapes.

Exhibited in 2004 at Teatro Nacional de Brasília, the photography series compose the first artist’s solo show at Casa Nova Arte Gallery, which will be simultaneously happening with his exhibition at Instituto Moreira Salles inauguration in Paulista Avenue and the Sesc Triennial Frestas.