The UK Photography event of the year” The Guardian

This year we are taking photographers Michael Wesely and Claudia Jaguaribe to Photo London 2018, as the only brazilian gallery in the fair.

Michael Wesely

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Michael Wesely was born in Munich where he studied Photography at the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie. He’s graduated from  Munich Academy of Fine Arts. He had participated on various international exhibitions such as on 25ª Sao Paulo’s Biennale.

Wesely is best known for his photos of cities, architecture, landscapes, and still lives of flowers taken with a special ultra-long exposure technique.

Weseley controls the amount of light hitting the negative via filters and a small but standard aperture to allow an exposure to be extended for incredibly long periods of time. He is renowned for works commissioned by the MoMA in which he documents its expansion on single frames of film over the course of three years, leading to the monograph Open Shutter Project.

Another project is the reconstruction of Potsdamer’s Platz on that occasion he had exposure the camera during two years. Wesely’s analogue technique has never been successfully replicated, and his extended exposures have led to a unique, compelling body of work. He believes his method will allow exposures up to forty years in duration.

Claudia Jaguaribe

Claudia Jaguaribe was born in Rio de Janeiro, 1955. Lives and works between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

She holds a degree in art history, fine arts and photography from Boston University, USA. Her work is focused on the urban landscape, environmental issues , and questions directed to the representation of the real as a conceptual register.

By blending reality and subjectivity, it stimulates our perception of what we are seeing by creating layers of understanding and narrative. The materiality of her works questions the very nature of photography. She expands the traditional formats of photography by creating photo sculptures besides integrating and using video and internet in her installations.

Since her beginning she was linked to editorial research. Many of her series find their final expression in book format. She has 13 books published and recognized by the singularity of the photographic integration and graphic design. In 2013 she founded the publishing company Editora Madalena in association with Claudi Carreras and Iatã Cannabrava. Her work is in several museums and collections in Brazil and abroad such as Museum of Modern Art / SP, Inhotim – Institute of Contemporary Art / Brumadinho, Maison Européene de la Photographie/Paris, Instituto Italo Latino Americano/Rome among others.


Somerset House, London, UK

From May 17th to 20th 2018 (preview for guests on the 16th)

May 17th from noon to 8pm

May 18th and 19th from noon to 19:30pm

May 20th from noon to 18:30pm


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