“Barraco Bom”; a print edition from the Brazilian artist Alice Quaresma.


“Barraco Bom was inspired by an old image of me from Rio de Janeiro, to rescue my affective memory as an identity. I created this edition with colored shapes and lines reproduced with acrylic ink and the stencil holder on the photographic print. The shapes and lines reminiscent of the carioca summer vibe that is contagious and brings joy to the paper. Even though it is an edit, each image carries its own tags. Through my fascination with experimentalism, I continue to deconstruct photography as documentary material and question the subjective relationship between memory, image and imagination. ”(Alice Quaresma)


The work will be launched together with a special exhibition of the artist at the 55SP space in São Paulo.


Quaresma produced a specific mural for the gallery that dialogues with her production and research to reformulate archival photographs with interventions in ink on each image.


We will released the new book by the artist “Playgroud”, edited by the French Editions Bessard.


“Barraco Bom”


Silk on photographic print

75 x 50 cm

Edition: 25 + 5pa

US$ 650,00

* shipment and frame not include


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