We are proud to present a solo project by the Chilean artists Ignacio Gatica for the 2019 NADA Miami Art Fair.

At “TANSTAAFL: There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, the artist showcase a new body of works which maps out distinct forms of technology and quotidian interfaces. The project takes as its title  from the 1966’ science-fiction novel by Robert Heinlein “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”,  and later appropriated by the economist Milton Friedman, one of the forerunner of global neoliberalism.

The exhibition is a series of cement sculptures that recreate books published by the members from the Mont Pelerin Society, Organization from 1940 that established a new ideology intending  to spread the concept of  free market in contrast to the interventionist state policy.

The artworks synthesized the paradigms from these group of philosophers, politicians and economists relying on our contemporary economic structure.

Another piece on the show is the interactive installation “Zoe God”, composed by a set of encrypted credit cards referenced to the books. The audience can swipe the cards at a provided scanner to gain access to the content coded within each one of the cards.

Gatica’s investigation into the history of the neoliberal ideology is a way to revise his home country background, considering the parallel processes of economic restructure that both United States and Chile concurrently underwent in the 1970s. Gatica’s generation is the first product of this U.S.-backed experiment, experiencing the burden of its aftershocks, while earning a dual perspective conducive to a critical understanding of this event in history.


About Ignacio Gatica

Chile 1988. Lives and works in New York

Ignacio Gatica has its origins in recognizing notions of urban landscape, identity, language, and his own personal history, connected to the recent post dictatorial Chilean history – a country where Neo Liberalism was imposed as an early monetary experiment in the 1980s.

Through installations, sculptures, book making, drawings and several other mediums Gatica create  narrate to present the conflicts of being a South American artist born in an alienated country driven by externally imposed aspirations. In trying to expand the field of his practice he founded Ediciones Popolet, a publishing house focuses on South American artist books and editions.

He had shown his work in Chile, Argentina, USA, Brazil, Spain, México, England and among others countries. His work belongs to  private and institutional collections and has also exhibited in different group shows such as: “Water Mc Beer Mansion”, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Ny (2018), “Fear Faire”, Marinaro Gallery NY (2018), “Change of Matter”, Lamb Arts (2018) London, United Kingdom, “Germen”, Galeria Jacqueline Martins, São Paulo, “Rotative Repository of Latin American Video Art”, Museo del Barrio, NY, USA (2017). “Politics of Dreams: Manoeuvres de L’équilibre, Foundation Ipocrenne”, Paris, France. (2017) “Zombi Mall”, Galería Die Ecke, Santiago, Chile, (2016) “Midnight Mañana”, CASANOVA, São Paulo, Brazil (2016), “12a Bienal Nuevos Medios”, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile (2015).





NADA Miami
December 5–8, 2019 

Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136 

Open to the Public
Thursday, December 5, 2–7pm
Friday, December 6, 11am–7pm
Saturday, December 7, 11am–7pm
Sunday, December 8, 11am–5pm