Founded in 2014, CASANOVA is an art business environment focuses on the promotion and development of strategies for contemporary culture. Creating exhibitions and commercial actions we act in the process of the contemporary art production.

We take part in a several and regular program of exhibitions, events, lectures, workshops, art fairs and other initiatives to combine a strong curatorial discursive to a cohesive contemporary practice that reflects Brazil and Latin American Countries.

Our main mission is to create multiple strategies for the art market; working collaboratively with curators, artists, agents and collectors to promote artworks from the most varied areas and formats. Through jointly curated initiatives we aim to set up different dialogues for the arts, combining the local and the global and promoting culture access in Brazil.


SP-ARTE/ SP-ARTE Foto – São Paulo / Feira Parte – São Paulo / Odeón Bogotá – Colombia / UNTITLED ArtFair Miami Beach – EUA / ART LIMA- Perú / Kyiv Art Week – Kiev Ucrânia / London Art Fair / Photo London / NADA ArtFair Miami

Photografies: André Klotz / Carolina Krieger / Daniel Athayde / Ding Musa