“Coisas da Vida” ALICE QUARESMA

“Coisas da Vida” ALICE QUARESMA
March 23, 2018 CasaNovaArte

We are pleased to annouce the opening of the solo project “Coisas da Vida” by the Brazilian artista Alice Quaresma.

A project involving an installation with photography and color panels that question chronology and motion. Alice Quaresma deconstructed the idea of a flat wall mural as she creates a photo based installation at Casa Nova solo project space. Each layer is hanged individually in the space, bringing depth and inviting the viewer to walk through the work. The back layer is a panoramic photograph of the artist’s hometown, Rio de Janeiro, that can only be revealed as the viewer walks pass the front and middle layers reaching the back of the room.

Also, part of the project “Coisas da vida”, the show will bring six unique photo-based pieces, where the artist revisits her hometown, Rio, over photographs taken in the past fifteen years. She continues to investigate the limits of photography as a medium of truth and precision, bringing gestural color marks with paint and pencil over her photo prints. Alice’s work emerges from subjectivity, bringing improvisation and unexpected factors into her art practice.

Alice Quaresma was born in Brazil in 1985 and she currently lives in New York. Alice has in her curriculum a number of awards, special projects invitations and residency programs, including the renowned Foam Talent Prize in Amsterdam. Alice already had her work published in major magazines,newspapers and websites in Brazil, Japan, US and Europe. Alice got her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009and she was selected as one of PS122 Exhibition Prize winners during that same year. She participates inexhibitions and residency programs in the USA, Europe and South America since 2006 and she is constantly looking for new opportunities.Alice Quaresma has been experimenting with materials that allow her photographs to be sensorial and playful, pushing the boundaries of photography as a flat surface. As the same time, her work explores the physical aspects of photography, she continues to use images from her personal photo archive to elaborate on the idea of displacement and identity. She uses the instability of the immigration condition as a main source of inspiration. Bringing improvisation and unexpected factors into her art practice. The experimental quality on her work is becoming stronger as she continues to deconstruct photographs. She is curious to provoke questions into the viewer, when they look at the work not everything is given to them. She chooses to work with photographs that lack in detail and as part of her process she overlaps the image with unexpected handmade color marks. The decision of working with geometry over the photographs is crucial to leave room for the viewer’s imagination and get them closer to the work, as geometry forms don’t describe a definitive idea but introduce suggestive possibilities into the work. At the moment, in the studio, her work is gaining volume and transforming itself in sensorial installations.


Opening:  March 24th.  2018. From 11am until 7pm

“Coisas da Vida” Solo Project Alice Quaresma

Exhibition from March 24th until April 21st de 2018 .

Rua Chabad, 61. Jardim Paulista. São Paulo.

From Tuesdays to Sat. from 12:00 to 18 pm

Free entrance