not cancelled

not cancelled
Adriano Casanova

Lina Kim

Thalita Hamaoui

June 10th – July 8th / 2020



not canceled is a project developed by the TREAT agency, based in Vienna. It opened in April 2020 in the wake of the global pandemic COVID-19 with closed museums, galleries, art fairs, studios and event closings subjecting cultural institutions to a difficult test. TREAT wanted to offer support to its local art and entertainment clients, so not canceled was born. By providing a digital platform, they allowed their customers to be “closed but open” #closedbutopen and to make planned events #notcancelled. After a successful launch in Vienna, they expanded with editions in Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Chicago, Dubai, Eastern & Southern Europe; Southern USA, plus others soon. All of them with week-long events featuring live online activities and bringing together some of the best galleries in each location.

Brazil will be the first country to have a 4-week fair on this Platform. It will be in groups of 25 galleries per week. In total, the fair has 57 galleries from 9 different states, featuring 106 artists, most of them Brazilian. Each gallery presents one or two artists per week, in addition to being able to do virtual tours, live broadcasts, interviews, talks by artists and videos that present workshops and backstage from the art world in general. See more here: Instagram @ and / or sign up for the newsletter: