SP Arte 2021

SP Arte 2021



SP–Arte 2021: 20th to 24th October, at Arca

Alexandre Brandão, Alice Quaresma, Aldo Tambellini, Bernardo Glogowski, Ignacio Gatica, Lina Kim, Luiza Baldan, Michael Wesely, Renata Padovan e Toby Christian.


SP–Arte Viewing Room 

Alice, Bernardo, Luiza e Ignacio.

Casanova presents a selection of artworks produced by four artists from the same generation that conduct their researches through traditional media, such as photography, painting and sculpture, and point to new developments for contemporary art.

ALICE Quaresma is showing a new series of images created through the concept of expanded photography. In her works she combines landscape elements with digital and manual interventions, inserting gestures and movements to her static compositions.

BERNARDO Glogowski develops a work in painting with images taken from the pages of news reports or television news frames. These reproductions, which are usually accompanied by articles about their tragedies and haunting facts, disappear through the artist’s pictorial act. With a gesture similar to the classical painters in art history, Bernardo revisits these events translating the difficult act that is living in today’s world, proposing a cinematographic and pictorial narrative.

LUIZA Baldan explores exercises in multi-sensory observation in documentary photography, whether in temporary residences or in transit. In the series “Pivô/Copan” the artist turns her gaze to the transformations in the center of the São Paulo capital, resulting from gentrification and real estate speculation processes. Baldan focuses on the events of this vertical metropolitan scenario and the intimacy of the building interiors.

IGNACIO Gatica questions social systems and structures that shape historical and personal experiences by accurately addressing modern social dilemmas shaped by the economic and political conditions of its time.

These political signs are cultural documents that identify new aesthetics in arts.