Sublime Ordinary

Sublime Ordinary

The show entitled “Sublime Ordinary” is a group show proposed by Artur Lescher for Espaço C.A.M.A., which brings together works by 10 artists who seek the extraordinary in common objects and materials. Shredded fabrics become geometric patterns, plaster and wall scraps are exposed, books become main motifs of artistic debate among other familiar materials that are unnaturally suited to their origin.

“An important aspect of the selection of the works is that the artists seek the path of subtraction. They remove matter in the manner of a sculptor, sublimating what is ordinary,” Lescher mentions about his curation.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, February 5 and runs through March 19, occupying both floors of the gallery. The participating artists are represented both by the member galleries of Espaço C.A.M.A. and by artists invited by the curator. They are Cao Guimarães, Bernardo Glogowski, Fábia Schnoor, Fernando Laszlo, Ignacio Gatica, Lucas Dupin, Manoela Medeiros, Marina Weffort, Martin Derner, and Sofia Caesar.


Sublime Ordinário

Opening: February 5, 11am-6pm Closing: March 19


Alameda Lorena 1257, house 4 Jardim Paulista – São Paulo

Tuesday to Friday – 12pm-7pm Saturday – 11am-5pm

Per via di levare

Acting as a curator from an artist’s perspective presents an opportunity to rethink curatorial practice and find the affinities and correspondences between my work and the practice of these artists.

Perhaps this is an exercise in sublimation – where we can see in the other our own projections.

Therefore, this cut will always be in some way contaminated by this particular look.

But I hope that even dealing with this inexorable aspect, the experience can still be useful to many.

The operation consists of observing, retrieving memories, and removing the distractions and accidents that keep us from contact.

The task is basically to listen to the thoughts and ideas that reside in all things, that is,

Identify that which is at the origin and on the surface of all the works exhibited here.

Starting from the distinction made by Leonardo da Vinci between the operation of painting – per via di porre, by means of depositing – as opposed to sculpture – per via di levare – the works exhibited here have a close proximity to the sculptor’s movement (in the traditional sense of the word) of extracting from the core of matter its constitutive meanings.

The work is basically to remove the excess and let us see that which has always been there, even if in a state of absence.

I believe that the curator’s task is basically to name – even if only for a brief moment. Naming is the first step in creating an identity.

On the other hand, a curatorship is also a way to produce a text, a public text, constructed by the enunciation and the reading of many. Just like words, these exhibited works establish a gravitational field, and have the ability to establish new images and project realities.

In this show we bring together artists who work with minimal resources and ordinary materials to surprise us with sublime images.

The way of making, common to all, is subtraction, the removal of matter.

A negative construction, an undoing to the limit of ruin, and it is precisely at this limit that it is possible to begin again.


Artur Lescher

february 2022