SP-Arte 2022

SP-Arte 2022

Casanova presents a selection of Latin American artists from different generations, proposing works that have in common the gesture and the manual work.

The booth will present paintings, sculptures, and photographs produced in an analogical way.

Bernardo Glogowski and Lina Kim are in charge of painting, where landscape and writing are brought to the foreground through Glogowski’s brushstroke gesture and Kim’s methodical precision.

In counterpoint, Santiago Reyes Villaveces exhibits a sculpture in brass that changes with each installation, inspired by cosmological concepts placed in dialogue with two vintage photographs by Aldo Tambellini produced through analogical experiments with photographic paper generating abstract images that refer to spatial forms.

Alexandre Brandão, presents his most recent research composed of ephemeral sculptures in clay, where the artist’s manual act defines their form and function.


SP-Arte 2022

April 6 to 10, 2022

Biennial Pavilion

Since 2005, SP-Arte – São Paulo International Art Festival – brings together art and design galleries, publishers, magazines, museums, and institutions. During the event, collectors, professionals, and art lovers can enjoy, besides the thousands of works of art brought by the exhibitors, conversations about art making, book launches, and guided tours.

In the 18th edition, which will take place from April 6 to 10, 2022 at the Biennial Pavilion, we will have 100 art galleries and more than 30 design studios, besides publishers and institutional participations spread over three floors of the Pavilion. This year we also have special projects that seek to bring the market and the public closer to the autonomous agents (artists, self-managed spaces) that make up the art system.