Toby Christian

Toby Christian

Toby Christian’s episodic practice incorporates a wide range of media where works stem from his ongoing, experimental writing. Re-prototyped forms for living and working, plans and models for imagined places, palimpsest-records of objects and bodies and contorting typographical characters constellate around his written accounts, where a near-forensic voice is teems with feral poetics.

Toby Christian (born 1983, Boston, Lincolnshire) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions and performances include Burners, Alessandro Albanese, Milan (2019) Old School New Body, Celine, Glasgow (2019), Trippy Scroller, PEER, London (2018), The News, Swimming Pool, Sofia, curated by David Dale, Glasgow (2017), and Railing, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017). His books Measures (2013) and Collar (2017) are published by Koenig Books. His third book Commuters will be published by Koenig Books in 2021, with an introduction by Chris-Fite Wassilak

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