Enrique Radigales

Enrique Radigales

1970 Saragossa, Spain. Lives and Works in Madrid.

Enrique Radigales has a major degree in painting from Escola Massana de Barcelona and later on, he owned a degree in Interactive Systems from UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), also in Barcelona.

One of the artist main references in his body of works is the use of the art tradition with landscapes intertwined with new technologies. Through its artworks, Enrique produces a displacement of the observer, which results for it in an expedition on an uncertain topography (real or virtual). The artist research pervades a melancholic aesthetic, as he insists on the materiality of the art object while keeping interest in the old technologies doing artistic processes with archaeological mediums. In the other hand, Radigales doesn’t deny the presence of new technologies and usually mix both processes in his productions. Although his aim is to achieve transcendent dimensions in his artworks, this is clear in the opening of his website phrase “Transcendental Technology”.

The artist creates in diverse mediums such as with HTML, installations, drawings, paintings, and explores in those process the digital and analogical languages. Enrique artworks were already exhibited in international museums as MIS (Sao Paulo), Instituto Cervantes (Bordeaux), La Casa Escendida (Madrid), also had participated in Biennales such as WRO (2011 – Poland), he was an artist resident in Eyebeam, Bienal IEEB4 (Sibiu, Romania) and Bienal Electrohype (Ystad, Sweden).