Santiago Reyes Villaveces

Santiago Reyes Villaveces

Bogota, Colombia 1986. Lives and works in Bogota.

Santiago’s Reyes practices explore the generic or specific qualities of the objects that he produces and their relations within a common sense. Precise and definitely well done, the art objects pose questions about their state of specific unities (art works or things) and as non-specific unities (things or articles devoid from their utilitarian function). His work is situated on the border between a state of conclusion and on a residual level. Over the art works he intertwined the objects establishing a potential for their reproducibility, copy and duplication.

Artist Statement

My practice follows a material investigation on structures, assemblages, and dynamics that evidence states of transitivity and precariousness. The works comprise installations, sculptures, drawings, and photographs that address different relations of temporal indetermination. They transform, determine, modify, and interfere with the spaces in which they operate affecting the way in which the spectator occupies and perceives physical space. The different materials that I use in my work are characterized by notions of tension, scale, volume, weight, gravity, surface, pressure, contention, resistance, depth and limit. Such notions configure systems that produce new relationships between spaces, architectures and the bodies of the spectators. My works explore a latent architectural sensibility that is evident in precarious structures; mostly visible in but not limited to everyday urban life in Latin American cities. The architectural mediations I address relate urban detritus, overlooked by-products of construction, and improvised temporary structures, underscoring a latent sophistication in anonymous ways of doing.

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